“God is Releasing the Sound of Revival This Summer”

Revival also operates by the light of God. Revival is an exposure of the light and glory of God in the earth. It travels in waves as well, which the Bible calls times and seasons of refreshing that come from the presence of God (Acts 3:19). I believe with all my heart that we’re stepping into another wave right now. I believe with all my heart that we’re stepping into another season of exposure from the glory, which will shift the entire earth into a higher frequency of the knowledge of God’s glory.

Prophet David


Greater Fruit Yet To Come Through Adjustment Of Interpretation

Be aware of the subtleties of what I say to you, for in this day I am illuminating your understanding, but also adjusting your interpretation too. I am taking what you already know and giving new insights and new interpretations to you. And though you already possess this knowledge, the perspective and interpretation I am giving you this day will revive and enlighten you, to the point it will seem completely new.
Make no presumptions about what I have said in the past. For though you have heard correctly, and received correctly, there is more to be given you, especially in terms of its interpretation and its application for today and tomorrow. Do not be rigid, locked, or fixed in the matters I have given you in the past.
Prophet David

My Great Love And Patience Surpasses Your Understanding

I spoke to you earlier but you did not hear it. I spoke to you earlier but you did not understand what I was saying. I pointed your eyes in a certain direction, but you could not understand what I was showing you. I have given you my words and spoken to you time and time again, and you did not receive it, nor comprehend it, nor revere it. But do not be anxious, or fearful, for I am more than patient.
Even though you did not receive what I said previously, still I will convey it to you again. Even though you did not comprehend what I said to you in the past, I will repeat it to you so that you will be able to understand. I will give you the pieces that are missing. I will answer the questions clouding your thoughts. I will highlight the direction in which you should travel, and inspire you to move forward accordingly.

Discernment With Great Excellence And Precision

This day I am giving you discernment and distinction between gradients of importance. I am giving you insights to assess with accuracy what is needed and what is important for this hour. I am awakening a skill to differentiate in the moment, so as not to delay unnecessarily. But I am also awakening an ability for differentiation for the long term consequences, in order to make assessments for long-term consequences from decisions made today.
And while this may sound mysterious you will find it to be very practical and very accessible to you. You will find it to be very encouraging as you begin to see and understand multiple layers and multiple timelines simultaneously. You will have greater depth in your consideration, and as a result, will begin to make better and better decisions as you continue to remain sensitive to the move of my spirit.
Prophet David

What I Have For You More Slowly

As I whisper in your ear in an ever-so-soft voice you will experience me in a very different manner than you have in the past. For there is a very soft, very subtle quality you will encounter as you sit with me in the space between your breaths. And in these spaces, you will encounter my gentleness and my timelessness. You will see my hand at work in your life in even smaller expressions than you have perceived in the past. And with this increased awareness of my involvement, especially in areas you previously presumed I was uninvolved and unaware, your anticipation will also be increased.
You will know I am with you, but you will see how I am also involved and working in you and with you. And as you see and appreciate the activity of my spirit in your life, you will increase in anticipation of what is yet to come. For as you perceive my subtle involvement, you will also understand the inference of what else is yet to come, what else is already in the works, and what else these smaller implications have to offer.
Prophet David

My Mysterious And Elusive Process

In this day and hour, I am showing you how to manage your pace. I am revealing to you greater expressions of communion with me, and doing so through the environment of pressure and activity. In this pressure and activity of the day I am awakening the realization of our union together in new ways, for you are connected, and always will be connected. In this day I am revealing and awakening within you the realization of our connection through times of business, activity, and pressure.
In this management of your daily life, along with its pressures and responsibilities, I am giving you the experience to practice and to manage the pace of your daily life, for there is still so much within you yet to be fully revealed. But in this moment I am giving you the opportunity to be able to manage all that is going on in your life and to do so with excellence and with fellowship.
Beautiful land

The Foundation Constructed In Your Youth

As I continue to open up new realms of experience and encounter to you do not be overwhelmed. As you see the line between your boundaries of yesterday begin to fade and blur do not let your heart become anxious as though there is the need for alarm. Understand those boundaries served a useful function and purpose in your youth, but now you have outgrown them. And in this place of growth, you will encounter me without the need for influence of these training wheels but will begin to experience and encounter me as I truly am.
In the absence of what you have previously known, do not fear. Do not be alarmed as you once again discover I am impossible to explain. Do not be bewildered as you see my nature unfold again and again, and done so in hilarious mystery, unable to be easily or logically managed or contained.
Prophet David